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Colonial Cases

R. v. La Haye, 1874

[consular jurisdiction]


R. v. La Haye

Police Court, Palmerston
Price SM, 17 April 1874
Source: Northern Territory Times and Gazette, 24 April 1874, pp 2-3




Friday, April 17.

(Before Mr. Price, S.M. and Mr. Lindsay and Mr. Frew, J.P.'s.)

Jules Joseph La Haye, master of the barque Emil Marie, appeared on the information of Rissach Yeves for having assaulted and beaten him on board the said vessel.
Dr. Kauffman appeared for the complainant.
Mr. Durand, French Consul, submitted that the Court had no jurisdiction, as this was a matter between French subjects on board of a French vessel, and should therefore be dealt with by himself, in accordance with the French Consular instructions. (Instructions produced.)
The Special Magistrate said he would consider the objection. Case adjourned till that day week. 

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