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Colonial Cases

R. v. Ah Kim, 1874

[assault between Chinese]


R. v. Ah Kim

Police Court, Palmerston
Price, Lindsay and Frew, 17 April 1874
Source: Northern Territory Times and Gazette, 24 April 1874, p 2



Friday, April 17.

(Before Mr. Price, S.M. and Mr.

Lindsay and Mr. Frew, J.P.'s.)

Ah Kim, a Chinaman, was charged on the information of Ah Soey, another Chinaman, with having assaulted and beaten him on the 12th instant at Peel's Well near Palmerston.

Mr. Rudall for the plaintiff and Mr. Smith for the defendant.

Plaintiff said that on the morning in question he was lying in his hammock ill, when Ah Kim came to him, and began to swear about a bill for vegetables, &c, which plaintiff had supplied; and accused him of having cheated him of 14s. and Mr. Smith of 3s. He afterwards struck plaintiff several times; knocked him down, and stuck his foot in plaintiff's chest, besides kicking him when on the ground, and dragging him towards the water. He also hit plaintiff on the head with a stick. Never struck defendant at all.

Mr. S. E. Reynolds was at the garden and saw the two Chinamen quarrelling. There were blows struck on both sides. Plaintiff returned the blows of Ah Kim, and the latter's nose was bleeding. Dr. Ellison was also called and stated that he saw plaintiff shortly after the day in question, and he then had a black eye. There were not any bruises on the body.

Ah Kim, the defendant, said that during the dispute about accounts, Ah Soey commenced the assault and bit defendant, besides attempting to gouge out his eye. Was obliged to strike him in self-defence.

Ah Kim was ordered to pay a fine of 10s. the other man having already paid 10s. in fees.

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