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Colonial Cases

Mining Commission, 1874

Northern Territory Times and Gazette, 19 September 1874, p 2

Mining Commission.
Tuesday, September 15.
Present-G. B. Scott (President), Mr. Price, and Mr. Conner.
John Sibley Westcott, applicant for No. 4 north, Union Reef. An adjournment was asked for by Mr. Smith, as Mr. Westcott had not received notice early enough to enable him to attend with the necessary evidence as to his title. There was no opposition.
Adjourned till the following Tuesday.
Ernest Bieber, applicant for No. 2 north Union. No opposition. Applicant was sworn, and stated that he applied on behalf of Mr. Ravenscroft and Mr. Frew. Had conformed with all the regulations of the Act. The certified plan was before the Court, and notice of application had been duly posted. Had complied with all regulations since purchasing the claim. Could not say what was done before. Applied for 10 acres only now, although the claim was originally 20 acres.
Application to be granted; Mr. Conner differing from the other two Commissioners, because the quantity of land now applied for was less than the quantity originally applied for.
Mills & Griffiths.-Applicants for claim No. 4 south, Union Reef.
No opposition.
Mr. Griffiths was sworn, and stated that the claim was for 20 acres. Had complied with all the regulations. A good bit of work had been done. They were down 12 feet, in a trench 20 feet long.
Application to be granted.

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