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Colonial Cases

Jones v. Fisher, 1874

[interference with contract]


Jones v. Fisher

Police Court, Palmerston
Price S.M., 19 March 1874
Source: Northern Territory Times and Gazette, 27 March 1874, p 3




Tuesday, March 19.

(Before E. W. Price, S.M.)

Jones v. Fisher.-Mr. Smith for complainant, and Dr. Kaufmann for defendant.

In this case J. Jones, mining agent, complained that W. Fischer, publican, had harbored and employed a servant, Maria Gleeson, whilst she was still under engagement to complainant, who had paid £25 for her passage from Adelaide and secured her services for 12 months at 7s. per week. He said he had also agreed to pay her passage back in case of sickness; but a short time ago she left complainant's service and went to live with defendant and his family. Spoke to defendant about it on the 14th March, and he promised to send the girl back on being told of her engagement, but he did not do so. The girl had never been discharged from complainant's service.

Dr. Kaufmann, for the defence, called the girl, who said that Mrs. Jones told her to leave her service, and said she would not allow her to remain in the place. Next day witness left and went to Mr. Fischer's, who, after a little hesitation, agreed to employ her.

Complainant was recalled, and said that the misunderstanding with the girl, when Mrs. Jones found fault with her, occurred two days before she left. She did her regular work in the interval.

The Court ordered defendant to pay £10 and costs-total, £13 16s.

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