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Colonial Cases

Griffiths v. Mills, 1874

[mining law - Mining Commission]


Griffiths v. Mills

Mining Commission
Scott P, 12 May 1874
Source: Northern Territory Times and Gazette, 15 May 1874, p 3


Mining Commission.

Palmerston, May 12, 1874.

Present-Mr. G. B. Scott (President), Mr. Connor, Mr. Price, and the Secretary, Mr. Melville.

A letter was read from W. K. Griffiths, asking if he was to come before the Commission as an applicant or an objector. His object was to enter an opposition to W. W. Mills, the registered holder of claim, No. 4 South, Union Reef, Pine Creek.

The Court said that as Mr. Griffiths was not the registered holder he must be considered as an objector, and must enter his opposition accordingly.

Dr. Kaufmann asked the Commission's opinion as to the construction of the 95th clause of the Act, which related to the time (ten days) for making appeals.

The Court said that the Local Court and not the Commission had to do with that part of the Act.

Dr. Kaufmann asked the opinion of the Commission as to some apparent inconsistencies in the 10th Schedule of the Act.

The Court stated that that Schedule contained the regulations which were under the control of the Mining Boards. A Board had been appointed consisting oí practical men, and their amended regulations would no doubt be shortly published.

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