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Colonial Cases

R. v. Cook and Pellat [1753]

duelling - capital punishment, threat of

Superior Court of Judicature, Court of Assize

13 February 1753

Source: Halifax Gazette, 14 April 1753 [1]

[2] Boston, Feb. 15.

At the Superiour Court of Judicature, Court of Assize, &c., held at Charlestown, for the County of Middlesex, on Tuesday last, John Cook of Evesham, in Great Britain, being indicted for challenging Thomas Pellat, of Croydon in Great Britain, to fight a duel, and the said Pellat being indicted for accepting the Challenge, severally pleaded guilty, and were each of them sentenced to be carried to the Gallows in a Cart, with a Rope about their Necks, and to sit on the Gallows with the Rope about their Necks for the Space of one Hour, and then to be committed to Goal [sic], there to remain without Bail or Mainprize for the Space of Twelve Months, and at the Expiration thereof, to find sureties for their own good Behaviour for Twelve Months more.


[1]  For another duel, this time in Antigua, see R. v. Barbot, 1753.

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