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Colonial Cases

Reid Barnard v. Westropp, 1911

[company law]

Reid Barnard and Co. v. Westropp

Consular Court, Cairo
Source: The Financial Times, 7 January 1911




Cairo, 28th Dec.

In the Consular Court at Cairo, before Judge Cator, the case has just been heard of Messrs. Reid Barnard and Co. and Captain Westropp, two shareholders in the English Limited Company, the Helouan (Egypt) Development Company Ltd. This company was declared by the Mixed Tribunal of First Instance in Cairo to be null and non-existent and to be in liquidation, and two liquidators were appointed, Messrs. Russell and Adda.  Messrs. Reid and Barnard applied to the Consular Court to prevent the liquidation being taken from the hands of the shareholders.  Mr. Russell then said that he would abide by the decision of the Consular Court.  Judge Cator declared that the company was of British nationality, and consequently under his jurisdiction.  If abuses were committed by English companies in Egypt the state of things could surely be remedied by taking diplomatic action to modify the law.  The injunction demanded was therefore accorded, and the liquidators of the company were prohibited from handing over the liquidation to the liquidators appointed by the Mixed Courts. - Reuter.

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