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Colonial Cases

Hughes v. Hughes, 1932

[divorce - domicile]

Hughes v. Hughes

Source: The Palestine Bulletin, 27 Marx 1932



Decree Of British And Egyptian Courts

LONDON, Thursday (Via Cairo). - The question of English or Egyptian domicile of the parties concerned arose in the Divorce court when Mrs. G. B. L. Hughes sued her husband, Mr. G. I. Hughes of Alexandra for divorce.  The wife originally sued in the Egyptian Courts but withdrew authority for anyone to appear there.  The judge, however, was not informed and granted a decree which was not made absolute.

   Mr. Justice Bateson said that where a domicile was being bandied from one side to the other as in this case the petitioner might be in a very awkward position if she only had the Egyptian decree and wanted to re-marry in Great Britain.  He granted a decree nisi with costs.  Reuter: P.T.A.

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