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Colonial Cases


For general discussion of the consular jurisdiction in Egypt, see Lanver Mak, The British in Egypt: Community, Crime and Crises 1882-1922 (IB Tauris, 2012) p. 146.
All of the material from Egypt was selected, edited and transcribed by Peter Bullock.

Last edited, November 2016.


The following material was taken from files in the National Archives (UK). 

For general material on the courts, see Newspaper commentary and minor cases, Egypt.

In re Montayne, 1880 [succession]

R. v. Frendo, 1880 [cutting and wounding]

R. v. Micallef, 1880 [theft from church]

Last sitting cases


The following cases are from the William Perkins Collection GB65-0370, No. 1/1, Volume of Constantinople Consular Court Printed Judgments, 1864-1911, by kind permission of the Archivist, Middle East Centre Archive, St. Anthony's College, Oxford.

Anarchists, 1899 [illegal association]

Viceroy of Egypt v. Charnaud, 1868 [consular courts, jurisdiction]


The following cases were taken from newspapers.

Casdagli v. Casdagli, 1917 [divorce]

Grant v. Easton, 1883 [foreign judgments] Queens Bench Division

Hughes v. Hughes, 1932 [divorce - domicile]

In the Estate of Grant, 1908 [succession]

Karl, 1913 [extradition]

R. v. Galea, 1863 [press laws]

R. v. Miniati, 1863 [manslaughter]

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