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Colonial Cases


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 16 March 1872


Dan. Dale, charged with the murder of his former partner, one Herring, on Whidby's Island, W.T., has been indicted for murder.

DIED. - Charles N. Ward, who was shot by Wm. McAllister, at Walla Walla, Feb. 24th, has since died of his wound.  McAllister is in jail, to await the action of the Grand Jury.


George F. Hoffman, a well known, popular young man residing at Olympia, was found dead at Tumwater on the 4th instant.  An investigation showed that he had, in the dark, fallen down an embankment, struck a stump, fractured his skull and died almost instantly.


OREGON SENTINEL (Jacksonville, Or.), 20 November 1878

W. C. Ralston; allegation not drowned but living in Europe?  [Inquest?]


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 24 January 1879.

Frozen to Death.

Last Monday, says the Walla Walla Union, John Ross, a Scotchman about 47 years of age, ...found frozen to death. [brother in Otago, NZ.]


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem), 14 March 1879.

Three Men Drowned.

George Porter, John Newell, Frank Lechky; crossing White River.  [Tacoma.]


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 24 October 1879.


A young man named Fred Woolery, a resident of Seattle, and employed as a deck hand on the steamer Josephine, fell overboard from that steamer Saturday into the Skagit river and was drowned.


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 31 October 1879.

Fatally Shot.

David W. Anderson, a logger on Whidby Island, opposite Port Ludlow, accidentally shot and killed himself yesterday while cleaning a gun in a shed adjoining to his dwelling house.  He leaves a widow and four children.


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.), 2 April 1881

Cathlamet, unknown man, accidentally drowned.


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.), 21 January 1881

Death from Exposure.

Mr. Samuel Walker of Grays river settlement, informs us by letter of the death of A. B. Soule from exposure on then beach of Grays bay, on or about the 9th or 10th inst.  Spoule was better known at the Old Trapper.  He had been missing a few days before any apprehensions were felt for his safety.  He lived on Seal river, a tributary of Grays river, at Mr. J. R. McClarken's place.  He left his house for the purpose of selling some furs, on Sunday, the 9th.  After disposing of them to a peddling boat, he laid in a supply of bad whiskey which, together with the cold weather, sealed his fate.  After a few days Mr. McClarken became uneasy about him and went to search for him.  On Sunday, the 16th, McClarken in company with Peter Neilsen and John Callahan, found him lying by his skiff on the beach, having been dead five or six days.  A coroner's jury was summoned to hold an inquest and they returned a verdict of death from exposure to cold.  The body was decently buried on the high land adjoining the bay.  Mr. Walker hopes that the fate of this old man will be a warning to dealers of pizen whiskey, but it won't; any more than to those who use it.


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.), 2 April 1881

Cathlamet, unknown man, accidentally drowned.


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 19 August 1881

Suicide of Algesheimer at Reedville.

THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.) 9 December 1882

Shooting of Wesley Little by Charles Sutler.


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.)  5 January 1883

Body found at McKenzie's Head, no inquest.


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.)  29 July 1883

The dead body of a man was discovered last Thursday in Olympia, with his throat cut.  His name is supposed to be Munson and he hailed from Maine, and for some days had been visiting with a family there who are of course terribly shocked over his sudden death.  An inquest will probably be held, but the general impression seems to be that it was a case of suicide, and that it must have taken place at least three days before the body was found.


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.)  10 October 1883

Chehalis, Joseph Smith and Clay Lockwood (dec.)

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