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Colonial Cases


Otsego Herald, 6 June 1815

From the Rutland (Vt.) Herald.

   On the 21st May, Nathan Gibbs, jun. of Pittsford, put a period to his life by hanging himself.  He had labored under a mental derangement a few days, which had led his family to watch him.  On the morning previous to his death, he appeared to have the full exercise of his reason, and conversed with his family as usual.  About 11 o'clock he walked out and went to his father's who lived but a few rods distant, where he staid half an hour, and then returned home.  On his return, he was met by his wife, who was going to his father's, on an errand, and they spoke with each other, and passed.  His wife after accomplishing her business at his father's which detained her about fifteen minutes, returned home, and enquired of her children, where their feather was, who could give no account  of him, except, that they saw him pass by the window.  She went immediately into the wood-house where she found him hanging on a rope by his neck.  Every possible exertion was used to restore him to life again.  But in vain.  The vital spark was extinguished.  A jury of inquest was summoned, who after examining the body and witnesses, returned a verdict that, "being in a state of insanity he came to his end by hanging himself."  He was aged 35 years; has left a wife and five children, and an extensive circle of respectable relatives, to mourn his untimely exit.  He was in easy circumstances, a valuable member of society, a pleasant and affectionate husband, a kind and tender father - but ah, "the cruel spoiler came."


Otsego Herald, 12 October 1815

Windsor, (Ver.) Sept. 25.

Trial for Murder, - At the last sessions of the Supreme Court in this county, Samuel E. Godfrey, one of the State Prison convicts, was tried for the murder of capt. Amos Hewlett, late keeper of the prison.  The jury returned a verdict of guilty - and sentence of death was passed on him by the Court.  He is to be executed on the 20th December.


WINONA DAILY REPUBLICAN, MN., Saturday 21 March 1868 (2)



WINDSOR, Vt., March 20. - John Ward, alias Jerome Lavigne, was executed to-day for the murder of Mrs. Griswold at Williston.  He confessed on the scaffold.

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