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Colonial Cases

1860 onwards

THE BRITISH COLONIST, 7 April 1860 (2)

Patrick Bligh, aged 46 years, committed suicide on the 25d ult., in San Francisco, by taking strychnine.  The deceased was a native of the county of Roscommon, Ireland, and leaves a wife and a daughter fifteen years of age.

   A Dr. Gutman, of Piety Hill, Shasta Co., has been arrested on a charge of producing the death of a girl, fifteen years old, by an abortion.


THE BRITISH COLONIST, 10 April 1860 (2)


Dr. Gutman, of Piety Hill, Shasta County, California, who was arrested on a charge of producing the death of a young girl of that place by procuring an abortion, has been honorably acquitted.



Jas. Dayton stabbed and killed a man named "Sailor Jack," at Sonora on April 10th.

   The trial of David S. Terry for killing David C. Broderick, has been postponed till June.

   Hon. C. Bell, who was stabbed at Sacramento by Dr. Stone, is dead.  Stone is in close custody.  The killing has created a great sensation.



Chas. Aldrich, a respectable citizen of Cloverdale, Sonoma County, Cal., has been arrested, charged with the fiendish murder of his wife.  The body was found lying in a field near the house, with the head and face kicked in, and a piece of linen duck wrapped close around the neck to produce strangulation.  Her little child of six months old was lying near the body.


THE BRITISH COLONIST, 30 June 1860 (1)


A Mexican named Antonio Rues, violated the person of a girl eight years of age, named Walthers, and then murdered her, at Knight's Ferry, on the 7th June.  The wretch was caught and hung by the populace.

   John McGlenchy, late assistant Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, was shot on the 15th inst., in a quarrel with a Mexican, growing out of a game of cards.  He died soon after.

   Four Chinamen were arrested recently at Big Oak Flat, Tuolumne county, charged with the murder recently of a Chinese lad.  The young Celestial had been favored by a countrywoman who had been formerly kept by one of his murderers.  On a visit to Big Oak Flat, a number of Chinamen assailed him, and while several of them held him, one stabbed him in the neck, breast and stomach some twelve or fifteen times.



THE BRITISH COLONIST, 4 January 1864 (3)


An engineer named Frank May, was shot the evening of the 28th ult. on board the steamer Princess.  A Dr. Treadway was first seen leaning over the dying man weeping.  The Doctor, who was arrested, declared that deceased had committed self destruction, though the medical testimony appeared to preclude the possibility of suicide.  The jury on the inquest could not agree on their verdict and adjourned for further evidence.

   On the 29th, a middle aged German named Thompson or Thomasson, who arrived by the Petaluma boat, fell from Vallejo street wharf into the bay and was drowned, although the mate of the Petaluma jumped into the water and went to his assistance.  From papers found in his possession, he is supposed to have worked at or near Tualatin Palms, Oregon.


THE NEW NORTHWEST (Portland, Or.), 1 November 1872

FOUND DEAD. - For several months past, a married woman, named Jane Frame, whose husband is now living in Virginia, Nev., has lived in a two-story frame house, corner of California and Hyde streets.  Yesterday and the day before, the neighbors of Mrs. Frame detected a peculiar and disagreeable smell proceeding from her house, and, as they had not seen her since Saturday last, they suspected something was wrong.  An entrance was effected through a rear door, and those who entered discovered the body of Mrs. Frame, fully dressed, on a bed.  She had been dead several days for her body was in an advanced state of decomposition.  Deputy Coroner Titcomb was notified, and he took charge of the body.  By the woman's wide lay a dead new-born infant, and from an investigation it appeared that the woman must have died while giving birth to the child.  An inquest was held and a verdict in accordance with the above facts. - S. F. Call, Oct. 4..


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 18 December 1874

SAN  FRANCISCO, Dec. 14. The inquest on the bodies of Leonard Watkins and his wife, whose tragic death on Friday night, have already been described, was held on Saturday afternoon. ...


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 13 December 1878

Man Killed.

PLEASANTON, Dec. 6. - Robert Davis, killed Joe Donnelly.   ???verdict???


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 18 July 1879.

A Mysterious affair.

LOS ANGELES, Jul 11.  Roberts Phillips, uncle Louis Phillips.  Neck broken ?


WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 18 July 1879.

Serious Mistake.

SHASTA, July 10.  -  Yesterday afternoon the son of F. McDonald named Stephen McDonald, aged about 14 years, accidentally shot a boy named Gordon in the leg, inflicting a slight flesh wound.  Stephen, thinking he had killed the other boy, went off into the woods and shot himself.  His body was found by his family to-day with a bullet hole in his head.



WILLAMETTE FARMER (Salem, Or.), 24 October 1879.

Sudden Death.

Last night about 11 o'clock, while the steamship State of California was coming up the river, one of the steerage passengers, while standing at a table eating his supper, dropped to the floor.  As he did not attempt to rise, some of the passengers went to his assistance, but found that he was insensible.  Dr. Petra, of Illinois, who was on board, was called, and upon examination it was found that he was dead, having been stricken with apoplexy.  The unfortunate man's name was not known, and could not be ascertained, as the tickets had been taken up.  A companion of the dead man said he was quite conversant on the passage; stated that he was from Folsom, Cal.; that he had been mining in Australia for 13 years, and that he was going to work near Portland. 

   The dead man was about 40 years old, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, had blue eyes, short moustache and full dark beard, dark hair, prominent cheek bones and clear skin.  He wore light brown overalls, dark brown duck flannel lined coat and a blue flannel shirt.  Coroner Cooke held an inquest this morning at 1 o'clock, and the jury returned a verdict in compliance with the above.


THE COAST MAIL (Marshfield, Or.), 8 May 1880.

The De Young Murder Case.

Letter from I. M. Kalloch.  (San Francisco?)


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.), 6 March 1881

Drowning of Lyman P. Hall. Inquest, accidental drowning.


THE HAWAIIAN GAZETTE (Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii), 24 February 1885

NEWS was received by the Almeda of the death of Mr. C. H. Alexander of Makawao, Maui, which took place at the Insane Asylum, Napa, California, Sunday morning, February 8th.  Last September, Mr. Alexander fell from his horse, but he did not appear to suffer from the effects of it until about six weeks later, when he acted strangely.  He was brought to Honolulu and soon after taken to the Napa Asylum. ...


THE DAILY ASTORIAN (Astoria, Or.), 19 March1881

Suicide of General Upton; suicide due to an over-taxed brain.


OREGON SENTINEL (Jacksonville, Or.) 9 December 1882

Smith River; Arnold killed by Joseph Wood of Curry County Oregon.  Trial in Cal.


OREGON SENTINEL (Jacksonville, Or.), 15 September 1883
Death of John Williams at circus, Redding

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