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Colonial Cases

Sierra Leone

Otsego Herald, 13 December 1819

Extraordinary Trial. - In the Royal Gazette of Sierra Leone, of the 24th of July last, is reported the trial of Pei, a captured and liberated negro, for the murder of Zangobia, also a captured and liberated negroe.  It appeared on the trial, that the murder had been committed by Pei, and another liberated captive negro, by the name of Quie Pei, who died in prison before the trial came on, and that their object in the murder was to eat his body - he being fat and good, and that after the murder they did eat it!  When the prisoner was informed of his right of challenge, and asked, when the foreman put his hand on the book, if he had any objection to him, his answer, as given by the interpreter, was - He say he like him too much; if he catch him, he eat him!  The jury renounced a verdict of guilty, but as the court took some exceptions to the verdict, no sentence was passed, and a report of the case having been sent to England, a pardon was granted by the prince regent, and Pei liberated.



MURDER OF AN OFFICER AT SIERRA LEONE.  - A fearful murder was committed at Sierra Leone on the night of the 14th May, when Captain Pearson of the 1st West India Regiment entered the apartment of Lieutenant Watson, of the 3rd West India regiment, and lifting the mat partition, shot him dead as he lay asleep in his bed.  On the previous evening at a public entertainment, the captain played Othello, Lieutenant Watson played Iago, and the part of Desdemona was performed by Mrs. Fitzmaurice, who appears to have been the cause of this sad catastrophe.  The inquest returned a verdict of "Wilful murder," which was probably confirmed at the trial appointed to take place on the 21st of June.

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