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Colonial Cases

New Caledonia

Sydney Morning Herald, 15 January 1857


To the Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.

SIR, - Knowing you to be always anxious to publish facts, and not stories, we beg to rectify the information you received of a gentleman, who, as you style him, has the best opportunity of learning the facts.

You say (speaking of the settlers) that in addition to a number who were more or less wounded, ten were killed.

   This number is exactly double the real one, the unfortunate victims being three young men, killed in the same house, and, as the inquest showed, they were taken by surprise and massacred without a chance of fight; one old man, killed also in his house, and without fighting, and another man, who, by mere bravado, went alone to work at the very laced where the above murders had taken place.  Total, five.   .  .  . 

VIAL D'ARAM, MILLIERE, and Co. Sydney, 11th January, 1857.

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School