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Colonial Cases


Carmarthen Journal, 23 October 1829

MURDERS COMMITTED BY NEGROES. - Mr., T. Harman, a nephew of Mr. R. Harman, Bristol, some time since went to the West Indies, and settled on an estate called the Castle, in the island of Nevis, but afterwards moved to another estate, called Eden, in the same island.  His last employer having subsequently purchased the former estate, he was again appointed to the management of it, and set out for his new situation on 1st August last.  During his journey, he was waylaid by three negroes of the Castle estate and one of the Eden estate.  They had been out three nights watching for him, and on 10th Aug. they succeeded in meeting him and beat out his brains.  The body was found next day, and an inquest returned a verdict of willful murder.  The four negroes were then tried for the offence, found guilty, and executed.  Their bodies are now hanging on gibbets in the most conspicuous parts of the parish in which the crime was perpetrated.

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