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Colonial Cases


The Observer, 27 April 1857


OF LIEUT. JEFFCOCK, AT MALTA. - The melancholy death of Lieut. Jeffcock, 31st regiment, was found dead in his berth at Malta, with a revolver by his side, was mentioned in our last issue.  At the inquest held on the body the following circumstances were elicited: - Deceased was in the habit of sleeping with a loaded revolver by him, in consequence of his having been alarmed a few nights before by some one walking about his tent.  At one o'clock on the morning of his death, a friend, whose tent was close to that of the unfortunate officer's, visited him, and found him in a sound slumber.  At seven, when his servant went to call him, he found his master dead, as before described, with his brains blown out by a pistol bullet through the temple.  He had been dead about an hour.  Lieut. Jeffcock had obtained leave of absence to proceed to England, on account of the serious illness of his mother; but on the day previous to his death he received tidings that his mother's health was much improved, and he had determined to remain with the regiment.

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