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Colonial Cases


North China Herald, 5 February 1874


   An inquiry was held at the British Consulate on the 8th inst. into the death of William Wishart, who was found dead in one of the cells of the Foreign Police Station.  The jury found that death resulted from natural causes, but felt it their "duty to call attention to the inadequate supply of blankets provided at the station, and request H. B. M.'s Consul to bring this matter to the notice of the proper authorities; as also the desirability of keeping the cells at a fair temperature of warmth during cold weather, and of seeing that there is proper ventilation in summer."


North China Herald, 23 May 1874


   The Herald records an attempt at murder, and a suicide which happened on the 9th instant, at the British Camp.  About half-past eight o'clock several shots were heard, and on search being made, a woman and a private of the Royal Marines were found lying between two of the huts, both wounded.  The particulars of the circumstance appear to be as follows: - A private named Ingram had been for some time attached to a young woman named Jennie Anderson (or Mills).  Some time ago they had a quarrel, jealousy being said to be the cause, but this had been healed, and on Saturday, Ingram being confined to camp for breaking his leave, wrote to Mrs. Anderson to request her to come and visit him.  This she did, and the evening was passed in a friendly manner, and about half-past eight she rose to go home, Ingram going out with her to wish her good-bye.  Shortly afterwards the shots were heard, and on search being made the two persons were found as above stated.  Ingram appears to have pulled out a revolver and fired at Mrs. Anderson from behind, the ball slightly cutting the side of her face and her ear, and he then shot himself through the head.  An enquiry was held and a verdict delivered that Ingram came to his death by a wound self-inflicted, whilst in a state of temporary insanity.

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