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Colonial Cases

List of Shanghai Judges

Shanghai: List of Judges

Frederick Samuel Augustus BOURNE
(Judge 1898-1905)
(Asst Judge 1905-1916)
(also Judge of the High Court for Weihaiwei 1903-1916)

(Judge 1877) (Chief Justice 1878-1881)

Charles Wycliffe GOODWIN
(Asst Judge from 1865-1878)

Nicholas John HANNEN
(Chief Justice 1891-1900)
(also Consul General 1891-1897)
(also Judge for Japan 1881 to 1891)

Edmund Grimani HORNBY
(Judge 1865-1876)
(Judge 1891-1898) (also Consul 1891-1897)

Robert Anderson MOWAT
(Judge 1878-1891) (also Judge for Japan 1891 to 1897)

Richard Temple RENNIE
(Chief Justice 1881-1891)
(also Judge for Japan 1879 to 1881

(Chief Justice 1900-1905)
(also Judge for Japan 1897 to 1900)

Crown Advocates
From 1878, the position of Crown Advocate was created. This was similar to the position of an Attorney General in a colony. The Crown Advocate was not a full-time employee of the Foreign Office but received payment for acting as Crown Advocate. The Crown Advocate was allowed to accept cases from private clients that did not conflict with his role as Crown Advocate. The 6 gentlemen who served as Crown Advocate were:
Nicholas John HANNEN (1878-1881)
Hiram Shaw WILKINSON (1881-1897)
Hiram Parkes WILKINSON (1897-1925)
(also Judge of the British High Court for Weihaiwei (1916-1925))

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