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Colonial Cases

Judges' notebooks vol 339








FO1092: 339


1870 [pages 2-9]

Reg. v. Dolla and Batzoe; 1st: Assault on Ahmet; 2nd: Assault on Fritz.

1870 [pages 10-24]

Reg. v. William Hargreaves; 1st. Fraudulent disposal of goods; 2nd. Obtaining money under false pretences [but see case.]

1870 [pages 25-31]

Reg. v. Alexr Ross; manslaughter of Hu A-kow.

1871 [pages 32-41]

Reg. v. William Williams; Murder of Thomas Mitcheson.

1872 [pages 42-52]

Reg. v. William Richard Parker; 1st Feloniously wounding one Henry Deblin with a slingshot with intent to do him some grievous bodily harm; 2nd Unlawfully & maliciously assaulting the said Henry Deblin & thereby unlawfully & maliciously inflicting on him grievous bodily harm; 3rd Assaulting & beating the said Henry Deblin.

1872 [pages 53-57]

Reg. v. Joseph Everett; 1st. Feloniously wounding William Cockle with intent to do him grievous bodily hatm; 2nd. Unlawfully and maliciously wounding the said William Cockle.

1873 [pages 58-62]

Reg. v. John Davey; Assault causing great bodily harm and assault.

1873 [pages 63-70]

Reg. v. Chai Joe; Larceny of a gold ring and a pearl ring.  [Note: 2 other indictments follow.]

1873 [pages 71-74]

Reg. v. John Wilson [a Russian]; Manslaughter.

1873 [pages 75-92]

Reg. v. Richard Webb Halket; Indictment ("A") Larceny as a servant of the Emperor of China, of, on the 5th Jan, 1873, Haikwan taels 1979; 7th Feb., H. Tls 2217; 5th March, H. Tls 1141; and a valuable security (money order) on each of the said dates.

Common Larceny of the above sums on the said dates the property of either the Emperor of China or Robert Hart.

1873 [pages 93-100]

Reg. v. George Whittingham Caine; 1. Larceny of money entrusted; 2. Larceny of money recd in possession; 3. Embezzlement as a public servant; 4. Fraudulent application of public money.

1873 [pages 101-103]

Reg. v. George Whittingham Caine; Leave to Appeal.

1873 [pages 104-144 (final pages 143-144 are blank)]

Reg. v. George Ford; Wilful Murder.

1873 [pages 147-154]

Reg. v. George Grey Mayne; Obtaining Tls 2940 from the Deutsche Bank by false pretences.

1873 [pages 155-170 (page 170 blank)]

Reg. v. Joseph Harris; Indictment - Wilful murder.

1874 [page 171]

Reg. on Prosecution of Municipal Council v. Kate Yessop alias Kate Jessop.

1874 [pages 172-177 9pages 178-179 missing)]

Reg. v. Philip Davis; Obtaining goods by false pretences.

1874 [page 180]

Reg. v. George D. Saunders; Appeal against conviction, special case.

1874 [pages 181-186]

Reg. v. Michael Martin; Sending threatening letter to A. Silverthorne on 24th June last threatening to burn and destroy a certain house of his.

1874 [pages 186-187]

Reg. v. Michael Martin; leave to appeal and judgment.

1874 [page 187]

Reg. v. George Tucker; Housebreaking and stealing a plated pitcher.

1874 [page 188]

Reg. v. Dugald Macleod; Larceny of $22, the property of the China Coast Steam Navigation Company.

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