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Colonial Cases

1930-1941 decisions

Fah Doong Engineering Co. v. Italo-Chinese River Navigation Co., 1939 [shipping] Italy

Fangtan Land Case, 1941 [land law] Court of Consuls

Haemelinck, 1934 [road accident] Belgium

In re an Application for Habeas Corpus, 1939 [habeas corpus]

Kumabe, 1935 [trespass]

Lizzaraga v. Heimendinger, 1939 [civil procedure] France

Minor cases China 1930-1940

Pinto, 1936 [usury] Italy

Re Hardoon, 1932 [succession - challenge to will]

R. v. Cooke and Hunt, 1936 [murder - assault]

Union Realty v. Vial, 1932 [promissory note] France

Published by Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance at Macquarie Law School