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Colonial Cases

1920-1929 decisions

China and Japan


Commercial Assurance Co Ltd v Wai Ho Tong, 1929 [insurance - validity of edicts of a rebel (KTM) government]

Douglas v. Home, 1912 [legal practitioners]

Fujiyama v Browne, 1926 [domestic contracts]

In re Kentwell, 1926 [legal practitioners]

Ingenohl v Wingon, 1926 [jurisdiction - passing off]

Ma Ying-tsin v. Bland, 1920 [car accident]

Ota, 1920 [manslaughter] Japan

Minor cases, 1920-1929

Parlani v. Hsu zao-sun, 1920 [bank failure]

Re Marges, 1920 [bankruptcy] France

Shanghai Cotton Manufacturing Co., Ltd, 1920 [company, winding up]

United States v. Husar, 1927 [embezzling - opium smuggling] United States

United States v. Over and Owen, 1920 [court martial] United States

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