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Colonial Cases

1899 decisions

A.S. Wilson and Co. Ltd v. Cooper, 1899 [appeal - employment law]

Bock v. Teh Siu Tze, 1899 [promissory note - Taotai's court membership] Taotai's Court

Browett v. Municipal Council, 1899 [local government] Court of Consuls

Chang Ghe Ding v. Ferris, 1899 [employment law]

Chang Chi v. Taku Tug and Lighter Company, 1899 [appeal - shipping]

Chang Yung-Kee v. Atkinson and Dallas, 1899 [breach of contract, building work]

China Navigation Co. v. Owners of the "Hermes", 1899 [shipping] Norway

Dalvy v. Damrell, 1899 [negligence by bailee]

Dickson v. Robinson, 1899 [shipping]

Docter v. Hall, 1899 [breach of contract]

Drew v. Sylvester, 1899 [customs - treaty ports] United States

Hanson v. Watson, 1899 [succession]

In re Cunningham, 1899 [bankruptcy]

In re Shekury v. Docter, 1899 [company law] United States

Joly v. Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, 1899 [life assurance]

Jurgens v. Jones, 1899 [employment law]

Kane v. Hudson, 1899 [appeals]

Kao Chin-yuen, 1899 [assault] Mixed Court

Kay Tah v. Hall, 1899 [goods sold and delivered]

Lok Fook-Tsuen and Chuin-Tsuen v. Municipal Council for the Foreign Settlement, 1899 [land law] Court of Consuls

Minor cases, 1899

Mixed Court minor cases, 1899

Moh Kwei-Too, 1899 [arson - insurance fraud] Mixed Court

Municipal Council v. Mahomed and Singh, 1899 [escape from gaol]

Pedersen v. Rowsell, 1899 [breach of contract]

R. v. Burgoyne, 1899 [obtaining by false pretences]

R. v. Ganacopulos, 1899 [assault]

R. v. Hartog, 1899 [manslaughter]

R. v. Lanceley and others, 1899 [ship's crew, disobedience]

R. v. Leopold, 1899 [obtaining by false pretences]

Sze Yik Kee v. Shufeldt, 1899 [land law] United States

The Abbey, 1899 [smuggling arms]

The Tamsui and the Hermes, 1899 [shipping] Arbitration

Tsai Kwei-Sung v. The China Navigation Steamship Company, 1899 [shipping]

United States v. Bascom, 1899 [embezzlement] United States

United States v. Kilgore, 1899 [assisting escape] United States

United States v. Sprague, 1899 [forgery] United States

Vigar v. Newman, 1899 [civil procedure]

Watson and Co. v. Cooper, 1899 [appeal - employment law]

Woh Queh-Chan v. Hall, 1899 [debt recovery]

Wong Kong Chun, 1899 [arson] Mixed Court

Yachi Kerosene Oil Hong and Hung You Bank, 1899 Mixed Court

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