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Colonial Cases

1897 decisions

American Trading Co. v. Reid, Evans and Co., 1897 [detinue]

Bank of China, Japan and the Straits Ltd v. Sullivan, 1897 [enforcement of foreign judgments]

Blanc v. Bentley, 1897 [medical services]

Fuhlers v. Bennertz and Co., 1897 [employment]

Herzberg v. Bennertz and Co., 1897 [employment]

Hopkins, Dunn and Co. v. Robertson, 1897 [shipping]

In re Lee Seck Long, 1897 [bankruptcy]

Li Kao Yao v. Bennertz and Co., 1897 [employment]

Minor cases 1897

Mooney v. American Trading Company, 1897 [shipping, crew] United States

Mustard and Bennett v. Wright and others, 1897 [breach of contract] United States

R. v. Cance, 1897 [obtaining by false pretences]

R. v. Carew, 1897 [jurisdiction of courts]

R. v. Ryan, 1897 [manslaughter]

R. v. Vincent, 1897 [habeas corpus]

Sheng Shing v. Woodward, 1897 [sale of goods] United States

The International Co. v. The Yue Yuen Cotton Spinning Co., 1897 [trade marks] Mixed Court

Yah Chee v. Butterfield and Swire, 1897 [balance of account]

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