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Colonial Cases

1896 decisions

Bank of China, Japan and the Straits Ltd v. MacDonnell and others, 1896 [enforcement of foreign judgments]

Chang Chiu Tung v. Louis Spitzel and Co., 1896 [civil procedure]

Ferris v. Spitzel, 1896 [assault] United States

Goodfellow v. Goodfellow, 1896 [matrimonial causes]

Japanese Spies, 1896

L'Institution St Joseph and Mother St Philomene v. Clark and Kingsmill, 1896 [civil procedure]

Minor cases 1896

Niou Niou v. Racine, 1896 [sale of goods] France

R. v. Hart, 1896 [arson]

Reeks v. Reeks, 1896 [divorce]

The Macey v. the Icey, 1896 [shipping]

United States v. Linn and Gertzen, 1896 [murder] United States

Wong Wah Tung v. Dallas, 1896 [breach of contract]

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