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Colonial Cases

1895 decisions

American Trading Company v. Melchers and Co., 1895 [shipping] Germany

Chang Kei v. Keeling, 1895 [employment, compradore]

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China v. Mendel, 1895 [banking] France

Cheong Shing v. Butterfield and Swire, 1895 [charter party]

Council for the Foreign Community of Shanghai v. The Gold Bond Investment Company, 1895 [lottery] United States

Evans v. Su Pow Sun, 1895 [arbitration - mixture of jurisdictions] Mixed Court, on Appeal

Hibler v. Ramage, 1895 [promissory note]

In re Bullock, 1895 [mandamus]

In re Dowdall and Hanson, 1895 [interpleader]

In re the Bank of China, Japan and the Straits (Limited), 1894-1895 [company law, winding up)

Japanese Government v. P. and O. Company, 1895 [ships, collision at sea - Supreme Court, jurisdiction]

Liu Hi Noe v. Silas, 1895 [promissory note]

Loss of the Sea Swallow, 1895 [shipping] Naval Court

Minor Cases 1895

Papps v. Patch, 1895 [company law - limitations]

Pollak v. O'Shea, 1895 [libel - civil procedure]

R. v. Balharry, 1895 [rape of child]

Reeks v. Reeks and Ruttunjee, 1895 [adultery]

Reimers v. Lieder, 1895 [shipping - breach of contract] Germany

The Cores de Vries, 1895 [shipping] Admiralty

Yuen Tsze Chuan v. Major Brothers, Ltd, 1895 [breach of contract]

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