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Colonial Cases

1892 decisions

American Trading Co. Ltd v. Bank of China, Japan and the Straits Ltd, 1892 [appeals]

Li v. Melchers, 1892 [shipping]

Minor cases 1892

R. v. Davis, 1892 [fraud]

R. v. Fraser, 1892 [obtaining property with intent to defraud]

R. v. O'Shea, 1892 [libel]

Reynolds v. Hay, 1892 [civil procdure]

Shun Mai Sung v. Pollak, 1892 [debt] Austro-Hungary

Taku Tug and Lighter Co. Ltd v. Wang Chi Hsin, 1892 [shipping]

The Emma, 1892 [shipping]

Turner and Schon v. Brown and Harris, 1891 [statute of limitations]

United States v. Frame, 1892 [murder] United States

United States v. Hetherington, 1892 [murder, provocation] United States

United States v. Miller, 1892 [larceny] United States

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