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Colonial Cases

1891 decisions

American Trading Co. v. Butterfield and Swire, 1891 [shipping]

Bieber v. Lembke, 1891 [partnership] Germany

Chinese police, 1891 [police brutality]

Ching Hing Tah v. Gipperich and Burchadi, 1891 [insurance] Germany

French police, 1891 [police brutality] France

Fukuhara and Omoto, 1891 [jurisdiction - homicide] Japanese Consul in China

Fung Ta v. Telge, 1891 [sale of goods] Germany

Hoch, 1891 [unlawful killing] Netherlands

Hung Tah v. Schlichting, 1891 [sale of goods] Germany

Jamieson v. Graham, 1891 [libel]

MacPherson v Municipal Council of Shanghai,1891 [employment] Court of Consuls

Minor cases 1891

Ng Chi Kin v. Wilkinson and the China Land and Finance Co. Ltd, 1891 [injunction]

Police v. Monfe, 1891 [assault] Italy

R. v. Mason, 1891 [possession of explosives - expulsion from China]

R. v. Wilson, 1891 [criminal procedure]

Republique Francaise v. Fournel, 1891 [embezzlement] France

Shanghai Land Investment Co. v. Schofield, 1891 [Chinese customary law]

Sjoberg, 1891 [jurisdiction] Mixed Court

Taku Tug and Lighter Co. v. Butterfield and Swire, 1891 [shipping]

United States v. Robinson, 1891 [fraud]  United States

United States v. Ross, 1891 [murder - jurisdiction] United States

Va Sun Kee v. Middleton, 1891 [land law]

Venner, 1891 [stabbing] Germany

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