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Colonial Cases

1889 decisions

China and Japan


Bribery Case, 1889 Mixed Court

China Shippers' Mutual Steam Navigation Co. Ltd v. Ilbert and Co., 1889 [shipping]

Dick v. Tandberg, 1889 [shipping, pilotage]

Gordon Bros v. Robert Anderson and Co., 1889 [shipping]

In re Camajee, 1889 [succession] Mixed Court

Meikle v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1889 [shipping]

Minor cases, 1889

Pootung Dock Co. v. Simpson, 1889 [breach of covenant]

R. v. Bernardo, 1889 [manslaughter]

R. v. Elders, 1889 [larceny, opium]

R. v. Gumb, 1889 [larceny, opium]

R. v. Kane and others, 1889 [shipping, mutiny]

R. v. Liscom, 1889 [wounding]

R. v. Rogers, 1889 [larceny, opium]

Rosenzweig v. Morgan, 1889 [debt]

The Anglo-India, 1889 [shipping] Naval Court of Enquiry

The Fungshun, 1889 [shipping] Court of Enquiry

Tsung Chun Chin v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1889 [shipping]

United States v. Graham, 1889 [fraud] United States

United States v. Sutherland, 1889 [burglary] United States

Wong Chun Kee v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1889 [sale of goods]

Wong-Zun Tai v. Goodfellow, 1889 [building work]

Yue Tai v. Butterfield and Swire, 1889 [shipping]

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