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Colonial Cases

1887 decisions


Affray on the Lennie Burrell, 1887 [shipping, affray]

Ah Foo v. Hoskings, 1887 [wages] United States

Band and Warburg v. Morrison, 1887 [shipping] United States

British North Borneo Company v. Chine Sabah Land Farming Company, 1887 [civil procedure]

Burrows v. Burrows, 1887 [divorce] United States

Eastlack and Wong Cumming v. Shanghai and Hongkew Wharf Co., 1887 [shipping]

Elton v. Fuller, 1887 [conveyancing] United States

Hough v. Legge, 1887 [company law]

Hung Chee-Foo v. Ure, 1887 [trespass to land]

Ilbert v. Evans, 1887 [sale of goods]

Loh King Yung v. Schmidt, 1887 [partnership]

London, Bombay and Mediterranean Bank Ltd v. Benjamin, 1887 [enforcement of foreign judgments]

Minor cases, 1887 (including Police Court and Civil Summary Court decisions)

Mixed Court, 1887

Mosely and McCulloch v. Emens, 1887 [sale of shares] United States

R. v. Burkhardt and others, 1887 [shipping, assault and desertion]

R. v. Donaldson, 1887 [embezzlement]

R. v. Huckins, 1887 [manslaughter - aggravated assault]

R. v. Jervis, 1887 [wounding with intent - shooting with intent]

R. v. Lee, 1887 [wounding with intent]

R. v. Macgregor, 1887 [domestic assault]

R. v. Saunderson, 1887 [shooting with intent]

R. v. Solaine, 1887 [assault]

R. v. Sullivan, 1887 [shooting with intent]

R. v. Thirkell, 1887 [registration of British subjects]

Ritter v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1887 [sale of goods]

Se An-chan v. Kirby, 1887 [breach of contract]

Tessensohn v. Will, 1887 [shipping, assault]

The Hagarstown, 1887 [shipping]

The Hangchow, 1887 [shipping]

The Pechili, 1887 [shipping]

United States v. Blifford, 1887 [larceny by constable] United States

United States v. Crew of the  Antelope, 1887 [shipping, desertion] United States

United States v. Kernan, 1887 [murder - manslaughter] United States

United States v. Troop, 1887 [larceny] United States

Von Dreitche v. Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, 1887 [enforcement of debt]

Williams v. Cordes and Co., 1887 [shipping]

Wo Cha Chee v. Vincent, 1887 [shipping]

Woods v. Moller, 1887 [engineering] Sweden and Norway

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