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Colonial Cases

1886 decisions

As will be notice below, 1886  was characterised by a series of cases concerning conflicts between ships' crews and their masters. They can be read as a group, along with some of the Minor Cases for 1886.

China Fire Insurance Co. v. Harvie, 1886 [mortgage]

D'Aquino v. Thirkell, 1886 [wages]

Dalrymple v. Simpson, 1886 [ship building]

Ellis v. Tibbetts, 1886 [shipping, wages] United States

Esau v. Steele, 1886 [shipping, wages]

Hewett v. Plenge, 1886 [sale of goods]

In re Benjamin, 1886 [bankrutpcy]

Ince v. Thorburn, 1886 [land law, Shanghai] Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

Ichinosake v. Whittall, 1886 [shipping - appeal]

Japanese Sailors v. Steele, 1886 [shipping, wages]

Minor Cases China and Japan, 1886

R. v. Burns and others, 1886 [shipping, refusal of service]

R. v. Cunningham, 1886 [wounding with intent]

R. v. Cunningham, 1886 [stabbing, sailor]

R. v. Drake, 1886 [manslaughter]

R. v. How, 1886 [registration of residence]

R. v. Kalwick and others, 1886 [mutiny on ship] Police Court

R. v. Lee and Jervis, 1886 [mutiny on ship] Police Court

R. v. White, 1886 [assault by police]

Re Waters and Hurst, 1886 [corruption by consuls]

Rozario v. Rivington and Clark, 1886 [libel]

The Albania, 1886 [shipping, wages]

The Glamorganshire v. the Clarissa B. Carver, 1886 [shipping, appeals]

Tong Mow-chee v. Howard, 1886 [opium - jurisdiction] United States

United States v. Callap and others, 1886 [shooting] United States

United States v. Cox, 1886 [assault] United States

United States v. Letford, 1886 [robbery] United States

United States v. Williams, 1886 [criminal trespass] United States

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