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Colonial Cases

1885 decisions

Ah-Tai v. Carozzi, 1885 [shipping, wages]

Asgaard v. Hong Kong Fire Insurance Co., 1885 [insurance]

Bailey v. Williams, 1885 [leases] United States

Comptoir D'Escompte v. Raphael, 1885 [banking]

David Sassoon, Sons and Co. v. Chen Ying-Tang and Fan Te-Sheng, 1885 [debt, wages] Mixed Court

Essex v. De Malherbe, 1885 [duelling] France

Hatch, Forbes and Co. v. Forbes, Graham and Co., 1885 [sale of goods]

Hey and Mur v. Harvie, 1885 [sale of goods]

Hong Kong and Shanghain Banking Corporation v. Vincent, 1885 [shipping]

Jamieson v. Comyns, 1885 [company law]

Lemarchand v. Agra Bank, 1885 [company law]

Li Cheng-Yu v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1885 [interpleader]

Mack v. Municipal Council, 1885 [wrongful dismissal] Court of Treaty Consuls

McQueen v. Bradfield, 1885 [debt recovery]

Minor cases China, 1885

Morris v. Smith, 1885 [property valuation] United States

Municipal Council v. Ince, 1885 [local government]

Opium seizure, 1885 [opium seizure] Mixed Court

R. v. Ellis and Osman, 1885 [assault]

R. v. Harvil, 1885 [embezzlement]

R. v. McFarlane, 1885 [manslaughter]

The Glamorganshire, 1885 [shipping]

The MA Dixon, 1885 [shipping] Naval Court

The Wallace, 1885 [assault]

Tsai Ah-Kao and Yin Yin Chuan, 1885 [larceny - controversy in Mixed Court] Mixed Court

United States v. Edwards, 1885 [arrest] United States

Wu Yu-Shan v. D. Sassoon, Sons & Co., 1885 [sale of goods, gold]

Yung Ah-lai, 1885 [homicide] Mixed Court


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