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Colonial Cases

1880 decisions

Berthet v. Elton, 1880 [absconding debtors]

Ex parte Shaw, 1880 [bankruptcy]

Ferrares, 1880 [murder] Spain

Hagge v. Hintz, 1880 [fraud] Germany

Hodgson and Helland v. Pun Kee, 1880 [company law]

Holliday, Wise and Co. v. Francis Parkman Wright, 1880 [sale of goods] United States

Hop Kee v. Bidwell, 1880 [promissory note]

Hop Wo Loong v. Woolfe, 1880 [debt recovery]

In re Canny, 1880 [bankruptcy]

Khoo Teong Poh and Webb v. Giles, 1880 [civil procedure]

Minor Cases China 1880

Mixed Court China 1880

R. v. Ah-Lee, 1880 [stealing and receiving]

R. v. Dowd, 1880 [wounding]

R. v. Mayhead, 1880 [attempted suicide]

R. v. Williams, 1880 [stealing and receiving]

Rothwell v. Parkin, 1880 [enforcement of judgments] United States

Robins and Co. v. Green, 1880 [lease]

United States v. Ross, 1880 [murder] United States

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