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Colonial Cases

1878 decisions

Bush v. Adkins, 1878 [appeals]

Bush Brothers v. Blanchard, 1878 [ship charter] United States

Daly v. Gunzel, 1878 [shipping, jurisdiction]

Estate of Fajard, Schaurveker and Co. v. Yang Tai Kee, 1878 [promissory note] French Mixed Court

Fischer v. Penn, 1878 [appeals]

Kirby and Co. v. China Fire Insurance Company, 1878 [insurance]

Ling Chin, 1878 [false arrest]

Minor Cases 1878

Mixed Court Shanghai, 1878

Opium Smuggling, 1878 [smuggling, opium]

R. v. Roberts, 1878 [manslaughter]

Raphael v. Benjamin, 1878 [balance of accounts]

Roberts v. Delano, 1878 [shipping, damage to cargo] United States

Smith v. Halket, 1878 [appeals]

Tazaymon v. Twombley, 1878 [appeals] United States

The Martha, 1878 [shipping]

United States v. Bradford, 1878 [new trial] United States

United States v. Locke, 1878 [stabbing] United States

Wang Kee Tseng v. Ferguson, 1878 [goods sold and delivered]

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