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Colonial Cases

1876 decisions

Barton and Burge v. Woodward, 1876 [medical practitioners]

Bohman v. MacKenzie and Co., 1876 [auction]

Carmichael v. Myers, 1876 [partnership]

Chu Yun Lung and Tsai Chun Sang, 1876 [theft, maltreatment of complainant]

Commissioner of Customs v. Beeching, 1876 [customs duties]

Delacroix, 1876 [homicide] Spain

Dickson v. Jardine Matheson and Co., 1876 [wages]

Edbrook v. Jones, 1876 [hire of carriages]

Encarnacio v. Taylor, 1876 [auction]

Fuller v. Wingfield, 1876 [bailment]

Green v. Ethel, 1876 [work and materials]

Harrison v. Medhurst, 1876 [succession]

Hedgecock v. Jardine, Matheson and Co., 1876 [shipping]

Hellerman v. Lane Crawford and Co., 1876 [sale of goods]

Hyde, Hertz and Co. v. Gordon Bros, 1876 [debt recovery]

Ignatio v. Goodfellow, 1876 [work and labour, interpreter]

In re Stoddard, 1876 [bankruptcy] United States

Jardine, Matheson and Co. v. Jones, 1876 [shipping]

Jenkins v. Smith, 1876 [land law] United States

Jenkins v. Wardell, 1876 [land law] United States

Li Ayew, 1876 [rape, Chinese court] China

MacDonald v. Jones, 1876 [shipping]

MacFarlane v. Patchings, 1876 [shipping]

Merryman v. Flood, 1876 [ship's deserter] United States

Mills v. Mills, 1876 [divorce] United States

Mines v. Adams, 1876 [shipping]

Minor Cases, 1876

Mixed Court, Shanghai, 1876

Moses v. Percival, 1876 [sale of goods]

Municipal Council v. Birt, 1876 [taxation]

Municipal Council v. Cumine, 1876 [wharfage dues]

Myers v. Carmichael, 1876 [debt recovery]

Schmidt v. Fuller, 1876 [goods sold and delivered]

Sing Yung v. The Swatow, 1876 [shipping collision]

Smidt v. Smith, 1876 [enforcement of judgments]

The Junk Hsing Her Shang v. The American Schooner William Phillips, 1876 [shipping collision] United States

The Tunsin, 1876 [admiralty]

Tong Fah v. Nethersole, 1876 [goods sold and delivered]

Trannack v. Kofod, 1876 [land law] Denmark

Tsze Yuen Fung v. Reynolds, 1876 [rent payable to Chinese government]

United States v. Brown, 1876 [theft] United States

United States v. Chow and Jimmy, 1876 [shooting with intent to kill] United States

United States v. Eckfeldt, 1876 [false pretences - embezzlement] United States

United States v. Greacy, 1876 [assault] United States

United States v. Trainor, 1876 [assault] United States

United States v. Waterhouse and others, 1876 [shipping, assault - desertion] United States

Watson and Co. v. Mustapha, 1876 [debt recovery]

Westermark v. Sutherland, 1876 [debt recovery]

Whitfield Dowson and Co. v. Slater, 1876 [breach of contract]

Zua Yay Dong v. Groom and Main, 1876 [breach of contract]


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