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Colonial Cases

1875 decisions

China and Japan


Calice v. Baker, 1875 [debt recovery]

Cameron v. Taylor, 1875 [shipping]

Charrier v. Nail, 1875 [hire of horse]

Da Silva v. Lane, Crawford and Co., 1875 [mortgage]

Jenkins v. Glover, 1875 [breach of contract] United States

Kirby v. Galley of Lorne, 1875 [bill of lading, assessment of damages]

Le-Ta-Ki v. Jessop, 1875 [wages]

Lent v. Gilman, 1875 [landlord and tenant]

Malone v. Walton, 1875 [shipping, wages]

McNutt v. Mills, 1875 [sale of business] United States

Miller v. Belbin, 1875 [barrister, action for fees]

Minor Cases, China, 1875

Mixed Court, Shanghai, 1875

Municipal Council v. Fogg, 1875 [taxation] United States

Murray v. Snowden, 1875 [shipping]

Nee Mew Ho v. Meyerink, 1875 [sale of goods] Germany

R. v. Dyan, 1875 [criminal procedure]

R. v. Estelle and others, 1875 [ship's crew]

R. v. Morbrook, 1875 [wounding]

Re Martin, 1875 [bankruptcy]

Savage v. Tyree, 1875 [breach of contract]  United States

Schmidt v. Johnston, 1875 [promissory note]

Sutherland v. Braithwaite, 1875 [shipping collision - admiralty, jurisdiction]

The Kwangtung, 1875 [shipping]

Thompson v. Peck, 1875 [wages]

Ting Ho Ming v. Wyles, 1875 [detinue]

United States v. Meyers, 1875 [obtaining by false pretences] United States

Walker v. Malcolm, 1875 [opium trade]

Yahichi v. Mourilyan and Heimann, 1875 [shipping]

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