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Colonial Cases

1872 decisions

Brown v. Meller, 1872 [landlord and tenant]

Chain Gang editorial, 1872 [punishment]

Chinese Government v. China and Japan Trading Co., 1872 [arms trading] China

Encarnacao, 1872 [gambling] Portugal

Hart v. Von Gumpach, 1872 [misrepresentation - jurisdiction of courts]

Lee Choy Chum v. The Spark, 1872 [shipping, collision] United States

R. v. Everett [1872] [wounding - assault]

R. v. Parker, 1872 [wounding - assault]

Shanghai Police Court, 1872 [minor crimes]

Sung Qua Dung v. Mayne, 1872 [master and servant]

The America, 1872 [shipping] United States

United States v. Rogers, 1872 [forgery] United States

United States v. Smith, 1872 [assault - resisting arrest]  United States

Westray and Gibb v. Foster, 1872 [enforcement of foreign judgments]

Wilkin and Robison v. Japp, 1872 [shipping]

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