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Colonial Cases

1870 decisions

Allen v. Ford, 1870 [promissory note]

British Consul v. Brown, 1870 [sailor's employment]

Civil Summary Court, 1870 [minor civil cases]

Constantine, 1870 [piracy - first European before Mixed Court] Mixed Court

Da Silva v. Fonceca, 1870 [assault] Portugal

Glover, Dow and Co. v. Torckler, 1870 [ejectment]

Greig, 1870 [ship's captain]

In re Lane, Crawford and Co. v. Cheshire, 1870 [interpleader]

Kinnaird v. Glover, Dow and Co., 1870 [bill of lading]

Lane, Crawford and Co. v. Glover and Co., 1870 [breach of contract]

Loss of the Ada, 1870 [shipping]

Lu Tai Cheong v. Provand, 1870 [work and materials]

Mackenzie and Baron v. Morton, 1870 [shipping]

Mills v. Daly, 1870 [promissory note]

Minor cases, 1870

Pender and Co. v. Gutschow and Co., 1870 [account stated] North Germany

Police Court, January-February 1870 [maritime cases]

R v. Bailey, 1870 [receiving stolen goods]

R. v. Cameron, 1870 [maritime offence]

R. v. Dollah and Badjoe, 1870 [wounding]

R v. Hargreaves, 1870 [fraud - obtaining money by false pretences]

R. v. Keechil, 1870 [murder]

R. v. Ross, 1870 [murder]

R v. Williams, 1870 [murder]

Re the Recreation Fund, 1870 [trusts]

Registration Cases, 1870 [registration of British subjects]

Rose v. Glover and Co., 1870 [account stated]

Royce v. Bennett, 1870 [ejectment]

Sayle and Co. v. Barker, 1870 [sale of goods]

Shanghai Inquest, 1870 [inquest into death] China

Shanghai Police Court, 1870 [minor crimes]

Sun Tah v. Scheibler, Matthaei and Co., 1870 [sale of goods] North Germany

Tapp v. Jones, 1870 [bankruptcy]

The Bobtail Nag, 1870 [sailor's employment]

The Mistletoe, 1870 [shipping, bottomry bond]

The Oneida, 1870 [shipping]

Tilby v. Simpson, 1870 [money lent] 

Tsung Kee v. Overbeck, 1870 [sale of goods] Prussia

United States v. Deslandes, 1870 United States

United States v. Sherburn, 1870 [sailors, maltreatment of] United States

United States v. Williams, 1870 [forgery] United States

Vidal v. Giquel, 1870 [employment] France

Von Gumpach v. Hart, 1870 [false misrepresentation]

Yung Shun v. Benett, 1870 [work done]

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