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Colonial Cases

1869 decisions

Campbell v. Forrest, 1869 [Mixed Court, jurisdiction over]

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China v Evans, 1869 [banking] Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

Cheshire v. Olyphant and Co., 1869 [bankruptcy] United States

Fong Ye Sing v. Harvie, 1869 [work and materials]

Gundry and Co. v. Ta Foong, 1869 [sale of goods] Mixed Court

Harvie v. Ferries, 1869 [work done]

Le A Do v. Jones, 1869 [trover] United States

Minor cases, 1869

Mixed Court, 1869-70 [minor crimes] Mixed Court

Police Court decisions, 1869 [minor crimes]

R v. Blanch, 1869 [murder]

R v. Morton, 1869 [ship's crew]

R v. Tootal and others, 1869 [registration of British subjects]

R v. Welburn, 1869 [ship's captain]

Re Anthony, 1869 [bankruptcy] United States

Re Halcomb, 1869 [bankruptcy] United States

Shanghai Police Court, 1869 [minor crimes]

The Faithful, 1869 [shipping, bottomry]

Thompson v. The Hang Chow, 1869 [shipping, collision -contributory negligence] United States

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