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Colonial Cases

1868 decisions

A Lum v Hogg Bros., 1868 [debt recovery]

Allen v. Heustis, 1868 [assault] United States

Cook v. Batchelder and Jones, 1868 [work done] United States

Glover and Co. v. Duus, 1868 [sale of goods]

Glover and Co. v. Lewis, 1868 [shipping]

Gower v. Jerdein and Co., 1868 [bank order]

Lundstein v. Carlowitz, 1868 [sale of goods]

Minor cases, 1868

Purdon v. Burjorjee, 1868 [master and servant]

R v. Downes and Bent, 1868 [assault]

R v. Woods, 1868 [assault]

Re Dent and Co., bankrupts, 1868 [bankruptcy]

Re Jarvie Thorburn and Co., 1868 [bankruptcy]

Re Mackellar Gordon and Co., 1868 [bankruptcy]

Re Meadows, 1868 [bankruptcy]

Re Treasure Jones, 1868 [bankruptcy - embezzlement]

Reynolds v. Tarrant, 1868 [promissory note]

Silverthorne v. Barnes, 1868 [work and labour, divers]

United States v. Jenkins, 1868 [Korea]

United States v. Quick, 1868 [shipping, maritime offence] United States

United States v. Roberts, 1868 [false imprisonment] United States

United States v. Thompson, 1868 [assault with intent to kill] United States

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