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Colonial Cases

1867 decisions

Bavier and Co. v. Hooper and Clark, 1867 [insurance]

Blum Bros. v. Leroy, 1867 [guarantee] United States

Bushell v. Japan Times [1867] [libel] United States

Campbell v. Coutts, 1867 [wrongful dismissal]

In re Evans and Hutchinson v. Chartered Bank, 1867 [bankruptcy]

Minor cases, 1867

McLarty v. Macfarlane, 1867 [sailors, articles of service]

R. v. Clark, 1867 [robbery]

R. v. Jones, 1867 [embezzlement]

Re Roundy, 1867 [insolvency] United States

Registration of British Subjects, 1867 [registration of British subjects]

Reynolds v. Medhurst, 1867 [bill of sale - enforcement of judgments]

Sommer, 1867 [felonious killing] Denmark

The Barque Siam, 1867 [shipping, sabotage] Bremen

The Seaton, 1867 [shipping]

Wardel and Sherer v. Jenkins, 1867 [agency] United States

Westermark v. Sutherland, 1867 [debt recovery]

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