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Colonial Cases

1866 decisions

China and Japan

Adamson v. Kinkee, 1866 [civil procedure] Mixed Court

Blain Tate and Co. v. Sing Kee, 1866 [sale of goods] Mixed Court

Bonny v. Hockly, 1866 [Chinese government, jurisdiction]

Carter and Co. v. Heenfung, 1866 [sale of goods] Mixed Court

Chen Ping, 1866 [extortion from brothels] Mixed Court

Minor cases, 1866

Mixed Court decisions, 1866 [minor civil cases] Mixed Court

Municipal Council v. Wills' Estate, 1866 [taxation]

Probst, 1866 [master and servant]  Mixed Court

Provand and Daly v. Oxford and Co., 1866 [specific performance - reception of English law]

R v. Chang Tsze Yun, 1866 [extortion]

Re Miller, 1866 [bankruptcy]

The Comptoir d'Escompte v. Russell and Co., 1866 [conversion] United States

The Guinevere, 1866 [shipping]

The Williamette v. The Plymouth Rock, 1866 [shipping, collision] United States

United States v. Addy and Bower, 1866 [ship's crew, assault of] United States

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