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Colonial Cases

1864 decisions

China and Japan


Davis v. Walter, 1864 [innkeeper liability]

Eames v. Stubbendorff, 1864 [jurisdiction] Prussia

Harten, 1864 [arms trading] Prussia

Kofod v. Barker, 1864 [leases]

Kufod v. Campbell, 1864 [libel]

Leong Tsze Cheong v. Oriental Bank Corporation, 1864 [building contract]

Lindsay and Co. v. Cama and Co., 1864 [shipping, salvage]

Manning v. Ellissen, 1864 [shipping]

Minor cases, 1864

Ningpo Bankers v. Bohstedt and Co., 1864 [jurisdiction] United States

Oriental Bank Corporation v. Yen Cheong, 1864 [banking, fraud]

Preston v. Chan Lai Sun, 1864 [breach of contract]

R. v. Cavanagh, 1864 [piracy - stealing, ship]

R. v. O'Brien, 1864 [murder - robbery]

R. v. Rice, 1864 [murder]

Rawson v. Russell, 1864 [bill of lading]

Reid v. Malcolm, 1864 [master and servant]

The Essex v. Hogg Brothers, 1864 [shipping, charter]

The Kin Tun Mow v. The Aerolite, 1864 [shipping, collision - causation]

Tong Fat v. British and Maritime Insurance Company, 1864 [insurance, loss of opium]

United States v. Cavanaugh, 1864 [manslaughter] United States

United States v. Morrice, 1864 [piracy] United States

Woo Sing Poo v. Barclay, 1864 [false imprisonment]

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