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Colonial Cases

1860 decisions

China and Japan


Chang-ching-chung v. Habibbhoy, 1860 [building contract]

Keen-Show v. Larken, 1860 [agency, Chinese custom]

Kin-Kee v. Estate of Beale, 1860 [sale of goods]

Ngaou v. Carr, 1860 [assault]

R v. Allen and others, 1860 [robbery]

Schmidt v. Dallas, 1860 [sale of goods]

Smith, Kennedy v. How, 1860 [shipping]

Wang Yu Shan v. The Ta Yung, 1860 [shipping, collision]

Wetmore, Williams v. Shore, Bland, 1860 [bills of exchange]

Yang Tse Nang v. Holliday Wise, 1860 [sale of goods]

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