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Colonial Cases

1850s decisions

China and Japan


Acheong v. Keppel, 1859 [shipping]

Alfeld v. Maitland, 1859 [assault]

Burdett v. Rapson, 1858 [shipping, collision]

Choo Yu Chow v. Sassoon, 1859 [banking]

Cramptons v. Chang Paou Tsoo, 1859 [sale of goods]

Death of Tshoy-nue-tseong, 1852 [inquest into death] Mixed Court

Estate of Wolcott and Co., 1854 [insolvency] United States

Gilman, Bowman v. Oriental Bank, 1852 [bill of exchange - banking customs]

Grealy v. Smith, 1856 [assault] United States

Heard v. Burjorjee, 1859 [insolvency]

Jameson v. Dewsnap, 1855 [shipping, repairs] United States

Kingwo v. James Bowman and Co., 1859 [balance of account - appeals]

Landers v. Wood, 1852 [shipping, salvage]

Leang-a-ting v. Lindsay, 1859 [agency - appeals]

MacDonald v Aspinall, 1856 [absconding debtor]

Mercantile Pilot Co. v. The Junk Kyin Nyon Shan, 1856 [shipping, salvage] United States

Morrison v. Sharp, 1852 [shipping collision]

R. v. James, 1859 [negligent seamanship]

R. v. Richardson, 1859 [stowaway - sailors, refusal to serve]

R. v. Rose, 1852 [shipping, mutiny]

R. v. Smith, 1858 [wounding]

R. v. Smith, 1859 [shipping, mutiny]

R. v. Spencer, 1856 [stealing in dwelling house]

R. v. Wang Soo, 1852 [shipping, mutiny]

R. v. Williams and others, 1859 [criminal law]

Re Foreman, 1859 [inquest into death]

Shin-Kwan v. Thomson, 1852 [malicious damage]

Slater v. Platt, 1859 [partnership - succession]

The Pluto, 1856 [shipping]

The Weraff v. The Abergeldie, 1851 [shipping, collision]

The Zealandia v. The Retribution, 1859 [shipping, collision]

Wei Seu Chuen v. Blenkin, Rawson, 1859 [sale of goods]

Wright v. MacDonald, 1859 [shipping, collision]

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