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Colonial Cases

R v Frendo, 1880

[cutting and wounding]

R. v. Frendo, 1880

Consular Court of Egypt, 1880

Source: National Archives (U.K.), FO847/1






1880 (8)


on the prosecution of

Francesca Schumbri,


Carmelo Frendo




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March 25, 1880.


I certify that I yesterday examined Giuseppe Schumbri sent to me by the authorities of the European Hospital where he has been under treatment for some days.

   I found two wounds presenting the appearance of stabs.  One situated near the spine on the left side of the back and about on a level with the lower angle of shoulder blade - was a sharp clean cut or stab and measured 5/8 inches in length.

   Another of similar appearance was situated in front about 4 inches under left nipple and measured ½ inch in length.

   On the left knee was a large abrasion of the skin which he stated was a bite by a man's teeth, but judging from the appearance presented yesterday it seems to me more of an abrasion by scratching or bruise.

   The wounds are superficial & none of them are of a dangerous character but I am of opinion that had the instrument entered in a different direction - that is horizontally - with the ribs instead of transversely across them as the wounds are, it would have passed between the ribs into the chest & produced serious consequences.

   It would seem purely accidental that the wounds were across the ribs - & that the further progress of the instrument was thus arrested by the bones.


In Her Britannic Majesty's Chief Consular Court for Egypt, Alexandria, 20th March 1880.

Francesca Schumbri of Alexandria being duly sworn charges that Carmelo Il Naxieri [(x) note (Frendo)] did on the 19th instant at 11 o'clock p.m. did unlawfully cut and wound one Giuseppe Schumbri with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.


Sworn at Alexandria this 20th day of March 1880.

Francesco [his X mark] Schumbri.

Before me, Henry H. Calvert. H.M.'s Vice consul.

[Margin note: No fee.]


R 20th March 1880: Document in Arabic.

Frendo doc



Given to Mr. Crompton,

20th March 1880.

No. 40.


The Prefect of Police,


H.M.'s C. C. Court.

9th Rabi Akir 1297

20th March 1880.

   Last night at 11 ½ p.m. a quarrel took place at Tartoushi, between Carmelo Frendo and Giuseppe Schumbri Maltese caused by drunkenness.

   Caemelo struck Giuseppe with a knife in his back, & in his belly and run away; he was afterwards arrested by Badawi Mansoor, Ombashi of the Mostahfizern, officer stationed at the Old Caracol el Labban, and brought the two Maltese to the Caracol, and sent the wouded one to the Hospital after taking the necessary information of the aggressor in the presence of the [Masoum] Nabatchy and two Chawishes.

   Also Ewes Yousseff who was watchman at the Old Caracol el Labban had seen the aggressor running and the wounded man running behind him.

   Mohamed Allam Gaffir had seen the wounded man running behind the aggressor to arrest him.

   I send to you with this letter the said Carmelo that the necessary may be done about this matter.

[Note: Villa, 18/4]


[Royal Arms]


In Her Britannic Majesty's Consular Court of Egypt,

held at Alexandria.

the 20th day of March 1880.

To Henry Croghan Police Officer, and other Officers of this Court.

Carmelo Frendo of Alexandria has this day been charged (on Oath) before this Court for that he did on the 19th Instant unlawfully cut and wound one Giuseppe Schumbri.

    Therefore you are hereby commanded in Her Majesty's name forthwith to apprehend the said Carmelo Frendo and to bring him before this Court to answer to the said Charge, and to be further dealt with according to law.

[Consular Seal]


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