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Colonial Cases

In re Montayne, 1880


Re Montayne, 1880

Consular Court of Egypt, 1880

Source: National Archives (U.K.), FO847/ 1





1880 (21)

Re Miss Montagne


FO847/ 1

(1 selected of 46 records)


City Magistrates Office,

                       Dale Street,

                 Liverpool, 10th Augst., 1880.


   In the absence of T. S. Raffles, Esqre, - who is now on the Continent, - I operned the letter addressed to him by you, with respect to a young woman named Mary Mountaiyne, who was sent in charge of a lady in the S.S. "Mareotis," which arrived at Liverpool on the 2nd Instant.

   I beg to say that I had all possible enquiry made to find out any of her friends or relatives, but have been unable to obtain any information respecting them, and on the 6th instant the lady who had kindly taken charge of her and also Captain Osborne amd a Police Officer saw her safely placed in the Workhouse Asylum, and the money given in charge of Captain Osborne was handed to the proper authorities towards her maintenance.  She has since been examined by two surgeons, who have pronounced her to be insane, and she has been removed to the County Asylum.

                         I am, Sir,

                               Your obdeient Servant,

                                                             Richd Gibbs,

                                                             Clerk to the Justices.

Chas. A. Cookson, Esq.,

H.M. Consul, Alexandria,


Miscellaneous Documents.

459  City Magistrate Liverpool: 19 August 1880.

Miss Mary Montayne has been placed in County Asylum.

[Small scrap of paper (out of place) with various money entries.]

Manuscript receipt.

Estate of Maria Mountain.

Received the sum of 5/10 for expenses incurred rel. to the above named woman.

H. Coghlan.

Alex 30 June 1880.

Note: Pay out of deposit, XXX, 30/6/1880.


Acccount for items of clothing from Bazaar Oriental, Maison P.A. Primy Freres,

Place Mehemet Ali, 14/6/1880.


Acccount for 1 Costume, L. Chalons, Maisons d'Achats, addresssed to the Hospital, 14 June 1880.

In Her Britannic Majesty's Consular Court for Egypt

held at Alexandria.

[Court of Arms]


In the Matter of Miss Montayne.

This is to certify that I have this day received the sum of L. 12:10   5 Egyptian Sovereigns & 9 ½ Napoleons

as a deposit into Court.

Alexandria, 30th June 1880.


H.B.M. Vice-Consul Cancellier and Law Secretary.



is indebted to the Deaconesses' Hospital


Miss Mary Montayne

Treated in hospital from the 3 May

to the 20 July


Number of days 79 at 3/ per day                                                 11.   17

Balance of cost of clothing bought for her                                          10

Total                                                                                           12       7

Alexandria, 21 July 1880.


Sister Superior

Barbara Eskmann  


Received from Chas. A. Cookson, Esq., H.B.M.'s Consul & Judge at Alexandria the sum of Twenty pounds Sterling for the account of Maria Mountayne as passenger for Liverpool.

L. 20: 0  0

S.S. Mareotis,

20 July 1880.                 [Thos? Osborne?]


Received from H.B.M.'s Consul Ch. A. Cookson frs 22  for a Portmanteau for the Patient Mary Mountaine.

Deaconesses' hospital,

Alexandria July 6th 1880.     Barbara Eskmann.


Received of Her Britannic Majesty's Consulate the sum of L 4. 17 - in part payment of the Hospital Expenses of Mary Montayne.

   The remainder of her Expenses while in Hospital - amounting to L. 7. 10 has been paid by the British Benevolernt Society of Alexandria.


July 27, 1880.                                                        E. J. Davis

                                                                               Treasurer and Almoner.


In the Matter of My Montayne

A rough balance sheet of Cash and Expeneses

As above, Miss Montayne's Account  (2 pages)


H.M. Consulate,


20 July.



T. S. Raffles, Esq:

Stipendiary Magistrate,




    By the S.S. 'Mareotis' which leaves this port today I have sent to Liverpool a young woman named Mary Mountayne who has been for the last 3 months [an inmate = deleted] a patiemt of the German Postulant Deaconesses Hospital in this city.

   This unfortunate girl is reported by the medical attendant of the Hospital to be [in xxxxxx a hopeless state of mental = deleted] suffering from mental & physical weakness ...................  mentally and in total imbecility. [, produced by = deleted] Intemperate [Her history is that = deleted] & dissolute habits have been the cause of her present state.

   Nothing can be learnt from her as to the residence of any relatives which she may have in England, but she is believed to be of respectable parentage & a native of Scotland.

   She has been supported in Hospital by the subscriptions of a few friends, [who = deleted] and her passage home is paid from the funds of [xxxxxxx xxxxxx] the British Benevolent Society. [of this city = deleted]

   She leaves under the care of Mrs Destourne a respectable [female = deleted] person well known to me, who on the arrival of the Mareotis at Liverpool which will be about the 1st August, will take charge of her for a day or two. After that time I trust that you, Sir, will kindly provide in some way for her future maintenance in some establishment suited to the nature of her case & Mrs Destournes will by my directions call upon you & take your instrns as to how she is to be relieved of her charge.

   Captn Osborne of the S.S. 'Mareotis' holds a sum of [money = deleted] L. 20 to meet the immediate expenses of M. Mountaynes maintenance.

   Trusting to your benevolent kindness to do the best for this poor creature,

   I have &c.  [CAC?]

Cover Sheet [611] "Mr. Cookson to Mr. Raffles; 20th July 1880/" and "Mary Mountayne has been sent to Liverpool in "Mareotis."

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