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Ummey Sharaban TAHURA

Ummey Sharaban Tahura

Law School HDR Student - Ummey Sharaban Tahura

MPhil Candidate (Macquarie University); LLM (Dhaka University, Bangladesh); LLB (Dhaka University Bangladesh)


Ummey Sharaban Tahura is a student enrolled in MPhil Program from February 2013 under an Australian Government Scholarship (AusAID). She completed her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM) at Dhaka University of Bangladesh and achieved 'First Class' in LLM. Before enrolling with Macquarie University for MPhil Program, Ummey was a Research Officer in the Law Commission Bangladesh from 2011 to 2012. She is a Judge in the Subordinate Court of Bangladesh since 2008 and currently on study leave.

Thesis Title

Case Management in Reducing Backlog: Potential Adaptation from the NSW District Court to the Bangladeshi Civil Trial Courts

Thesis Overview

The huge backlog in the Courts of Bangladesh leads to mammoth pressure on the Legal System, and also upon clients. Evaluating the success of case management in a comparative Australian Court (here the District Court of NSW), whilst investigating the current situation in the Civil Courts in Bangladesh and isolating causes of delay, she hopes to devise a new system of case management to lowering backlogs and delay in Bangladeshi civil courts.


Principal Supervisor:  Dr. Margaret R.L.L Kelly
Associate Supervisor:  Dr. Shawkat Alam

Conference Paper/s

  • Ummey Sharaban Tahura, 'Case Management in Civil Courts of Bangladesh: Scope for Thinking', The Asian Conference on Politics, Economics and Law, Osaka, Japan (2013)

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