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Macquarie Law School

Law School HDR Student - Lasa Sun

Lasa Sun

LLB (Zhejiang University of Technology, China); LLM (East China University of Political Science and Law, China); PhD Candidate (Macquarie University)


Lasa Sun is a current PhD candidate at Macquarie Law School. Her research area is Constitutional Law. She completed her Bachelor of Laws at Zhejiang University of Technology in 2007 and Master of Laws at East China University of Political Science and Law in 2010. After the completion of her Master studies, she was selected as one of four excellent students in Shanghai to attend the 'Rule of Law Exchange Program' and did the internship at the U.S Congress for one month. Before Lasa came to Macquarie University for PhD study, she worked as a Legal Specialist in Children's Hospital of Shanghai in 2010 and Lucheng Rural Cooperative Bank, Wenzhou, China in 2011.

Thesis Title

Freedom of Political Speech and Democracy in Cyberspace: Lessons from Australia, Singapore and India

Thesis Overview

As modern life relies more and more on the cyberspace, issues of free speech in the cyberspace arise more frequently. This research is intending to examine whether freedom of political speech in cyberspace in Australia, Singapore and India promotes or undermines democracy. And further to identify the differences and commonalities among those three countries in balancing the relationship between freedom of political speech and democracy in cyberspace.


Principal Supervisor: Dr Margaret R.L.L. Kelly 
Associate Supervisor: Dr. Carlos L. Bernal-Pulido 

Conference Papers

  •  Lasa Sun, 'Battle for Online Freedom of Speech- Identity: Authenticity or Anonymity', The World Congress on Computing and Information Technology Conference, Malaysia (2013)
  • Lasa Sun, 'Draw a Line between Freedom of speech and Privacy of Public Figures', NewMac Symposium, Australia (2013)

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Macquarie University not only has an international reputation for being Australia's one of the best modern universities, but also enjoys its worldly famous location-Sydney. Macquarie Law School possessed a rich history in legal education, scholarship and community engagement.