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Macquarie Law School

Jingyi Li

Law School HDR Student - Jingyi Li

LLB (Shandong University, China)  Ph.D. candidate (Shandong University, China)


Jingyi Li completed her Bachelor of Law in Shandong University, China. In her undergraduate years, she ranked No.1 in her class in terms of GPA and published several journal articles in constitutional law and intellectual property law area. She received the National Scholarship from the Minister Education of the P.R.C. She also got the Presidential Scholarship, Outstanding Student Scholarship from Shandong. She also won the First Prize in National University Students Challenge Cup, Third Prize in National Moot Court Competition.

Because of her excellent performance and the strong research ability she showed in her undergraduate study, she got admitted into a Ph.D. program in Law School of Shandong University directly after getting her Bachelor's degree with Excellent Research Student Scholarship.

In the year 2013, she was enrolled in the Ph.D. programme in Macquarie Law School with the Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship. Being a Cotutelle Student, she is conducting her research in intellectual property rights and human rights area with joint supervision.

She also holds the Certificate of the Legal Profession Qualification in P.R.C.

Research Topic

Reconciling Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights


  • Jingyi Li, Niloufer Selvadurai,  'Reconciling the Enforcement of Copyright with the Upholding of Human Rights: A Consideration of the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Print Disabled' (2014) 10 European Intellectual Property Review, 653.
  • Jingyi Li, 'Copyright Exemptions to Facilitate Access to Published Works for the Print Disabled: The Gap between National Laws and the Standard Required by the Marrakesh Treaty' IIC - International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, forthcoming.
  • Jingyi Li, 'The Legal Transfer of Right to the use of House Site under the Concentration of House Site Project' in Xianming, Xu (eds), Human Rights Research (Shandong People's Press, 2012) 24.
  • Jingyi Li, 'Declaratory Judgment on Invalidity of Administrative Act in Administrative Proceedings'(2010) 8 Tribune of the People 100.
  • Jingyi Li, 'Legal Analyses on EU Patent Problems through the Case Unilin V. Yan Jialong'(2010) 5 Journal of Heilongjiang Political and Legal College 86.
  • Jingyi Li, 'Resolutions to New challenges in Chinese IDNs registration' (2010) 4 Journal of Hunan Public Security College 117.

Research Projects

  • Measures to Safeguard Farmers legitimate rights and interests in the process of Chinese legalization, the major program of the National Fund in Social Science chaired by the university president Pro. Xu Xianming, 2011.
  • Protection on Farmers' Rights, Young Scholars' Innovative Research Fund of Shandong Province, leaded by Dr. Dehua Ma.