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Macquarie Law School

Law School HDR Student - Jennifer Farrell

Jennifer Farrell

BA, LLM (UNSW); Grad Dip in Legal Practice (NSW College of Law); Dip.Ed.(University of Sydney);
PhD candidate (Macquarie)


Jennifer Farrell is a PhD candidate at Macquarie Law School; member of staff, Federal Court of Australia (2001-2013) Judicial Assistant (2001-2007; 2008-2013) and Deputy District Registrar (2007-2008); member of the Law Society of New South Wales (2002 -2013) and member of the Law Society Technology Committee (2010 -2013).


Web 2.0 applications and access to justice
Overview: Interactive applications, including online social networks provide a transformative platform of collaboration driving social and legal change. The dilemma presented by these applications is whether their openness and collaboration can facilitate access to justice or will the threats to privacy and security limit their use.


Principal Supervisor: - Associate Professor Niloufer Selvadurai
Associate Supervisor: Associate Professor Archana Parashar

Research Interests

Law and technology; privacy; online social networking and its impact on law; open justice; intellectual property law in the digital era.

Publications and Presentations

  • 'Practical Obscurity to Realistic Disclosure: open courts and the transformative power of technology' - presentation, Sydney Law School 2013 Postgraduate Conference.
  • 'Naked and Exposed in Cyberspace: Seeking legal boundaries for privacy in online spaces' 1 - 2 November 2012, Sydney Law School 2012 Postgraduate Conference
  • 'Social Networking on company time - Can you control it' (2011) (49) Law Society Journal 52.
  • 'Electronic Era and the Control of Ideas' (2007) presentation - conference, Greek Conference, Kos (2007)
  • Children's' Services & the Law - A Legal Guide for the Childcare Sector co-author (2006)
  • 'Disconnection - a solution for the protection of information privacy', presentation Greek Conference, Mykonos (2005)
  • 'The Ethics of Online Piracy - the right to copy' (2004) presentation - Greek Conference, Crete.